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Legal notice




In accordance with LSSI Law 34/2002 of July 11th, article no. 10, Law of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, identity details of the following company are stated below:


Name of the company: NAVIMA CALZADOS, SL

Business name: NAVIMA CALZADOS, SL

Fiscal Identification Code Number: B96779012

Adrress of service: Charles Robert Darwin 28, 46980 Paterna (VALENCIA – SPAIN).

Phone number: +34 96 150 96 62

Email adress:



Registered on the Valencian Company Trade and Registrar General, Volume 6126, Book 3432, Sheet 67, Section 8, Local Sheet V-61352.



Online articles trade. The present Legal Notice rules the use of the following website:



Correspondence between NAVIMA CALZADOS SL with users of its corporate electronic services available on the present website are generally subject to the rules and regulations of the Spanish Law.



The user is hereby informed and accepts the rules to gain access to the present website with no trade relations contracts authorized by NAVIMA CALZADOS SL or by any of its subsidiaries and affiliated companies.



Industrial, intellectual, design and artistic property rights are held exclusively by NAVIMA CALZADOS SL as the sole owner and holder of the above-mentioned contents and copyrighted rights. Infringement of these rights is reproducing, distributing, public displaying or performing works in any way affecting the above as well as other activities or derivative works without written permission by the company holder. Works performed even in the case of quoting the sources of design and publication are strictly prohibited.



NAVIMA CALZADOS SL protects and exerts exclusive control on the rights to modify, remove, discontinue and or implement any updates on its websites and webpages active in the markets. NAVIMA is incumbent to limit, restrict, block and or deny access by the users to the information provided on its web devises. Any misuse is subject to all restrictions applicable thereto and contained herein.




In accordance with Law 15/1999 of December 13th on Data Protection Rights and Personal Information, NAVIMA CALZADOS SL as the sole owner of its websites and holder of webpages rights, with Identity Fiscal Code Number B-96779012, informs any potential user that all data collected by NAVIMA CALZADOS SL are compiled and registered on the General Registration Office of Data Protection, fulfilling all legal requirements in order to provide the user the services demanded. This includes the right to send company´s information to the user.



Services provided by NAVIMA CALZADOS SL include personal data collection, maintenance and filing by NAVIMA. These activities are associated to determine the requests for information by the user. Unavailability of user´s identity and personal data as well as the non-acceptance of the privacy policy implemented by NAVIMA SL make not viable the possibilities for the user to enjoy promotional offers, opt for specific subscriptions or collect information from NAVIMA SL.


In accordance with Law 15/1999 of December 13th on Data Protection Rights and Personal Information, we would like to inform that any personal data sent by the users should be collected, registered and maintained undisclosed by NAVIMA unless authorised by law or by consent of the individual. Personal data will be filed under NAVIMA Database at its premises with legal address on 28 Charles Darwin, Paterna Techno Park, 46980 Valencia, according to the safety and security regulations applicable implemented by Royal Decree 1720/2007. NAVIMA SL holds exclusive rights to its Database.


The user is fully responsible of the personal data provided and sent to NAVIMA SL. The user is also responsible for the fairness, accuracy and adequacy of his personal data and has to comply with this requirement. NAVIMA is entitled to full exemption on this responsibility.


The users are required to be open and honest about his identity and they are also responsible to keep their personal data fully updated and have to comply with the requirements of accuracy of the information provided on the subscription forms.


NAVIMA SL is not liable for the inaccuracy and inadequacy of any of the personal data collected. NAVIMA is only liable for the data based on the own company´s information sources. NAVIMA is not liable for indemnities or compensations related to errors, inaccuracy or inadequacy of the information provided to NAVIMA SL by external sources.


Use, disclosure, forwarding and or transfer of personal data is not authorized in accordance with Spanish Law and can only be assigned or shared with third parties when written permission is issued by the users according to article 6 of the Data Protection Law.


As far as access rights are concerned, cancellations, removals, objections and other rights , the users are free to address their requirements to NAVIMA at Charles Robert Darwin 28, 46980 Paterna (VALENCIA – SPAIN). Alternatively, the users may send electronic emails to together with any means of legal evidence and or identity papers admissible by law.


The user hereby accepts and gives his consent to the processing of his personal data by NAVIMA SL according to the terms of the Spanish Data Protection Law and declares to have been duly informed on the terms and conditions referred to the above.


NAVIMA SL reserves all the rights to modify the present policy in line with any changes introduced by the Spanish Law and the Courts of Justice with regard to the use of personal data by industrial corporations. Should these changes be entered by law, NAVIMA will inform on its website about them, in due terms and with advanced notice accordingly.




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