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About us

So happy you found us!


Maria Jesus Gozalvo creates women shoes for their real lives, - to walk down the street, dance in the night or office wear-

“I never take a shoe out of our atelier without trying it on myself”
Maria Jesus Gozalvo, Founder and Creative Director from Lola Cruz

It all started in 2004 by Maria Jesus Gozalvo, a creative women, who inherited his father ́s passion for the world of shoes and legacy of creating a brand that became a dream come true.

She launched her first collection in 2000. This collection with 30 designs represented the powerful women she had around her life.


"From the beginning when I started designing"
shoes for women I had the impulse of developing
my creations with a feminine character”

Lola Cruz combines a trendy design with impecable luxury craftsmanship to create must- have shoes. Creations that inspire authenticity, evolution, freedom and femininity.


Lola Cruz is a strong woman who encourage a way of living, an infinite passion. She represents sensuality and sophistication. A woman who loves fashion but doesn’t forget the essence and attitude that make it unique.

All pieces are designed in Spain. Lola Cruz is sold in more tan 600 boutiques worldwide. Two Lola Cruz Flagships Stores can be found in Madrid as well as an online store with international shipping.

Our mission is to take Lola Cruz to new markets and dress women in every corner of the world.
We invite you to take Lola Cruz shoes to the future with you.

"Lola Cruz is a unique woman, very feminine and highly inspired in all women I admire"